Foshan vitreous china sanitary ware, bath and sanitary appliances

From Foshan, Guangzhou area, we export a wide range of Euro-American style sanitary ware and sanitary appliances such as china vitreous wash basins, glass wash basins, basins with cabinets, toilets, bidets, resin bathtubs, massage bathtubs, acrylic shower trays, shower rooms, steam rooms, massotherapy shower cabins, wooden sauna rooms, faucets and all bathroom accessories.

We offer to overseas customers guaranteed effective, reliable and professional services in English. We welcome requests from wholesalers and for construction programs.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any precise request.

Sanitary ware and associate products

Vitreous china wash basins
Pedestal wash basins
Table wash basins
Above counter wash basins
Under counter wash basins
Wall-hung wash-basins
Furnitures in bathroom
Wash basin cabinets sets with wash basin and mirror
Bathroom cabinets without basin
Glass wash basins with mirror
Bathrooms sanitary ware sets
Wash basin + Toilet + Bidet ware sets
Vitreous china toilets
Siphonic toilets with tank
Siphonic system is a toilet saving water system: not too much water coming out but forming a circinate flow by a strong suction from the outlet.
Washdown toilets with tank
Wall-hung toilets with concealed cistern
Squatting pans - Turkey-type closets
Water tanks for Squatting pans
Wall hung urinals and floor urinals
Bathtubs and shower bases
Resin - acrylic bathtubs
Resin - acrylic massage bathtubs
"Royal" acrylic resin bathtubs available without or with fittings and massage option
Resin - acrylic resin shower bases
Shower cubicles, steam and massage shower rooms
Shower enclosures sets
Shower panels for shower enclosures
Shower rooms sets with acrylic shower tray, aluminium frame, glass wall and glass door.
Ready to use shower plus massage plus steam rooms
Wooden sauna rooms
Vitreous mop tubs
Acrylic foot tubs

Faucets and accessories for bathroom and kitchen

Two handles taps, single level taps, hands free automatic taps, Shower heads, shower riser rails, massage and multi jets shower panels, Flushing valves, water waste parts...Taps and accessories

Special bathroom sets promotion

Sanitary ware sets special promotion
Compose yourself your container of promotional bathrooms

Sanitary ware & other building materials mixed containers

Upon request we can supply mixed containers loaded with sanitary ware and ceramic tiles or any other items from our Building Materials Department. Feel free to consult us about conditions.
We have a good experience in supplying all the building material for houses or apartment buildings including sanitary ware, ceramic tile, PVC pipes, doors, windows, hardware, suspended ceilings, air conditioning, electric or solar or hair source water heaters...

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