China sanitary ware and appliances contact

Guangxi Wuzhou Geoffering International Co Ltd.

Managing Director
Mrs. Michelle Hui Zhang
Tel: +86.138 774 13030
(on line WeChat / WhatsApp)
Export Manager
Ms. Arlene Zhou
Tel: +86.134 5748 2206 (on line WeChat)
Tel: +86.180 7807 3088 (on line WhatsApp)
2nd floor, Building 10,
No.37 Xinhu 2 road, Wuzhou city 543002,
Guangxi, China
Tel: +86.774 602 9899

Visiting Route
* Airport bus: Directly from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Wuzhou City Center. More details.
* Flight: Directly from Zhuhai Sanzao Airport to Wuzhou Airport. More details.
* High-speed rail between Guangzhou and Wuzhou will be ready in June. 2014.
Time difference with China
+ 7 hours with Western Europe
+ 8 hours with West Africa
+ 13 hours with North America East coast

For a better service to our customers please notice.

We ask to get your contact information and the purpose or your sending with the form before any telephone contact otherwise we could not provide any commercial information.
Any appointment has to be scheduled minimum 2 weeks before the forecast date.