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Export information for Geoffering sanitary ware and bathing products from China

Export sanitary appliances from China

Because of  the international economic situation Geoffering Ltd is more than ever the partner you need to improve your orders in China. Geoffering Ltd is not only good rates and quality products but a 100% guaranty of honesty + reliability + certitude to receive the exact order you paid for.

Our personalized services

Attractive prices because we are an important buyer and we are in position to negotiate directly all year long the best rates.

Possibility for our customers to have a single interlocutor to deal with

A business contact who can be reached easily in English by email, fax and phone and who has the ability to decide any sale and delivery conditions.

An order control and an inspection by us of any loading before shipping.

We are also direct exporter of Foshan ceramic tiles and we can manage deliveries with mixed containers

Customized logo acceptable. Brand name mould charge USD 200 / logo.


All products are Grade 1 only

The prices are  without water waste part.

For any product we can provide the spare parts and accessories. We can also offer for export the PVC pipes and tubes

Usual packing examples

Wash basins with pedestal
Each set packed in 2 separated wooden slat case, basin bowl in a case and pedestal in another case.

Wash basin (simple style without pedestal):
1pc/ctn, paper carton with wooden slat base.

One piece toilet
Packed in paper carton, 1piece per carton.
Cover, if any, accessories and the
water tank flush mechanism are packed separately

Toilets (bowl + separate water tank)
Packing in 2 paper cartons. Toilet bowl in one carton and water tank in another carton.

Toilets are delivered with:
- Cover packed in the same carton with toilet bowl.
- 2 flush option saving water flush device (3-6 litres) and accessories in a polybag inside the water tank.

Shower tray:
one pc packed in one paper carton

Bath tubs (simple bath tubs, without water jet massage):
with paper covered on surface and corner, then put one pc on top of other pc…

Cabins: shower tray is packed separated in one paper carton, glass is packed in wooden carton, other accessories are also packed separately

Average loading quantity examples

Washbasins (with pedestal): 560~640sets/40’FCL
Toilets with water tanks: 200sets/20’FCL
Bathtubs: 250pcs/20’FCL
Shower trays: 150pcs/20’FCL
Cabins: 100sets/20’FCL

Minimum order is one container with mixed products


As all information can be provided through the Web, as our range of products is very large and models can change, normally we don't supply any printed catalogue. If a customer wants it yet, we can send it but we ask a prior payment of DHL sending fees.

We propose an up to date on-line catalogue  for resellers and importers without any price and contact.


Upon request we send a complete FOB price list  with all the Web site references.

Importation of faucets in the European Union

There is not any CE standard but in each country the faucets have to get a Sanitary Conformity Certificate. This certificate is personal to each importer. Due to the importance of the documents to provide to get the certificate and the cost of the formalities it's gainful to ask for it only for customers who want to import on a regular basis.

Visit us to Foshan City

We welcome you in China. However as we receive many customers we ask for a 2 weeksprior notification for any appointment. Thank you.

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Do not hesitate to ask for products in accordance with your market needs
Be kind enough to send precise requests according the usual professional rules
Don't  forget the references of the products

Payment conditions and options

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